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Sabrina Sato Rahal

The presenter , comedian , reporter and Brazilian model was the Bistro Felissimo on Thursday

SABRINA-SATOOOOOOOOOOCurrently, Sabrina Sato is the host of the Sabrina program , which airs on Saturdays at 20:30 , the Rede Record and is visiting the city Camboriú addition to be doing several recordings.

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Joaquim Barbosa in Felissimo

Joaquim Benedito Barbosa Gomes is a Brazilian lawyer . Was a lawyer , prosecutor and Minister of the Supreme Court , court of which he was president from 2012 until 2014. He is a professor at the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

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Terence Schauffert is the beachy charm of the hotel Felissimo, in Balneario Camboriu, included in the Design Hotels team

By Donna

Terence Schauffert is cool. Because it is only cool who does not make the least effort to do so. And it’s not just him. The whole family, his parents Grace and Roberto, the sisters Alessandra and Vicky and his wife Marcella, concentrates all the requirements to display the setting.

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Hotel Design – Felissimo Exclusive Hotel / SC Brasil


In the week of Design Hotels on the blog, today I show the Felissimo Exclusive Hotel, one of the most welcoming and beautiful design hotels in the world, is in Brazil, Balneario Camboriu / SC.

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Dinner with friends

We were visited by our dear friends, Carlos and Dani Trossini (the top Bravissima Condo), the actor with the highest expression from my country, Cauã Reymond and Brava Brothers Rodrigo and Andressa Baldissarella

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Felissimo no Luxury Design Hotels club

Felissimo Exclusive Hotel is part of the new international selection of luxury club Design Hotels , which brings together some 271 hotels across more than 50 countries.

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Felissimo in the famous script

Visiting Bistro Felissimo or staying at the hotel to enjoy the trend bistro of the season or enjoy the exclusivity of the best in the hospitality of Balneario Camboriu, the famous found their place.

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Deep Dish at Bistro Felissimo

Protagonists of the Best Carnival Party all times Dual Deep Dish ( Sharam and Dubfire Djs) , returned to the Temple of Warung any day December 30, 2014 , a paragraph 1st Presentation in Brazil since 2008 , after Dinner at Bistro Felissimo

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Aécio Neves in Felissimo

Champion on the ballot in Santa Catarina , in the last presidential election ( 75.87 % of the votes in BC ) , Senator Aécio Neves with his first lady Leticia Weber

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Balneario Camboriu in luxury tourism route to choose

Por Revista Gol – Edição 151
Página 127

Originally a refuge aesthetes of couple in love for travel, the Felissimo Exclusive Hotel combines the friendly atmosphere of a hostel with the quality of service of a five star hotel, entering Balneario Camboriu and Santa Catarina in the national luxury tourism route.

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