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Felissimo Veg Marché

Dear Guest! With joy we present our line of “vegan friendly” amenities in exclusive partnership with the Veg Marché boutique.

In addition to the non-animal products, the new reusable packaging prevents hundreds of pounds of plastics from being disposed annually.

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Felissimo your Best Moment

During the month of February, the Felissimo Exclusive Hotel presents all guests with a free daily rate, in a 3-day overnight stay or 2 free nights, in the 5-day-a-week package.

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Diamond accommodations are the most exclusive Felissimo Exclusive Hotel. Have integrated environments with private bathroom or spa with chromotherapy and decor that maximizes the climate of warmth and comfort.

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Master Suites Felissimo Exclusive Hotel were created with the primary goal of bringing comfort and well-being of guests.
The balconies overlooking the sea or garden details are special and different.

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